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The 10 Best Wood Fillers & Wood Putty for Your Project

A material that may be used to repair wooden items is known as a wood filler. However, it should be noted that it’s generally used to fix minor issues in the wood, such as holes, splits, scratches, or scrapes. Because certain woods are more permeable than others, this is the best option for them.

Wood putty is commonly used to fill extremely tiny holes, such as the recesses where finish nails are driven below the wood’s surface.

Difference Between Wood Putty vs Wood Filler?

A few typical objects can be used to correct problems or defects. It’s essential to understand the variations between the two so you can choose one to apply.

Let’s compare wood filler and wood putty, as well as how they may be applied to cover up defects in your woodworking project.

Wood Putty vs Wood FillerDifference between them
Wood Putty
Wood Filler
SandabilityProcess of smoothing or polishing a surface
UsageFinished Or Unfinished Wood
Finished Wood
Unfinished Wood
Outdoor ApplicationDrying time
Easy to ApplyApplicability
Ability to Fill Big HolesWhat is good for large holes?
MaterialMade from?
Sawdust/Wood Fibers
PaintingPossibility of Paint

Top 10 Best Wood Fillers and Wood Putty

Let’s take a look what is the best products that you can buy in the market. Here are the best wood fillers you can buy today.

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